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Jim's home portraits are nothing short of sensational. I sent him some photos of our farmhouse, taken only with my phone camera, and within a week I had the most glorious rendering of the house and the surrounding countryside. The detailing is outstanding and it is a piece of art that we will always treasure.

Chick Reid

Jim did a home portrait of our family cottage. It was a surprise gift for our father's 70th birthday. I will never forget my dad's face when we revealed the portrait. Jim truly captured a place that is so dear to all of us. It was by far the most special gift I ever gave someone and I am so grateful to Jim's dedication to detail and love for what he does. That love emanates through his work.

Tara Nicodemo

Jim Taylor is an outstanding artist who created a picture of our house which we will always treasure. He even included our dog at the front door! The drawing was the hands-on winner on Christmas morning. The “commissioning” was a secret so Jim had to be very stealthy getting his bearings on the house without raising suspicion. He was a delight to work with and we recommend him without hesitation.

Colin and Jennifer Brown

Jim created a drawing of my parents’ cottage on Brome Lake that I presented to them with my brothers at Christmas 2015. They were so moved to have such an exceptional visual rendering of a house they conceived of together.  Homes contain deep stories for people, and Jim manages to capture that truth in his work.  His drawings are incredibly accurate, but also profoundly dynamic and mysterious.  I am so happy to have been able to give the gift of a Jim Taylor house portrait to my parents; through his drawing they have been able to appreciate and reflect upon the timeless beauty of their unique abode.


Annabel Soutar

My Mom turned 82 this year, and she has always yearned for her childhood days spent at her family cottage in Bala. The cottage was sold once my Mom was married with her own family, and those cherished memories and good feelings are still strong in her today. I commissioned Jim to draw a portrait of the cottage as a gift from my siblings and I, which he delivered well before the big day. The look on my Mom’s face when she opened the gift was a memory I will never forget and for all of us there it was an absolute heart swelling moment.

Jim’s exactitude and attention to detail is outstanding, like a draughtsman at work – he creates replicas of places that hold cherished memories, with great intensity. However, it is his play with light, and gentle pencil strokes that really make the drawing breathe life - perhaps a fan of Rembrandt – Jim’s ability to cast an overall feeling in his work is his main gift.

His portraits of family homes are an absolute treasure to add to the archive of one’s own history, as well as evidence of a very talented artist’s hand. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for architectural portrait work – he is the real thing!

Bonnie Whitehall

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