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Jim Taylor Drawing

Most of my drawings are created from photos provided by clients.

The Photos I Need

Main Image - This should be the client’s favorite view of the property.  It should be shot in good light conditions; on a clear day when the sun is at a low angle lighting the main facade of the house. Early to mid-morning or late afternoon light is usually best.  It’s gentle, warm and defining and it cuts gorgeous shadows.

Other Images - These include additional shots taken from the same vantage point as the main image. They should overlap and show the area up, down, and around the main image. Ultimately, I need one big panorama. It won’t all end up in the final artwork but it can work to our advantage. I also encourage clients to send any number of shots of architectural details, trees, gardens, planters, posts; anything that gives me a larger concept of the property. The more shots the better, so move around and shoot away!

Creation and Delivery

All images are uploaded to a shared Dropbox folder. I take client engagement very seriously and always sound them out on the aspects of their homes they love. Once we decide on the main image and the drawing’s parameters I’m ready to work.

For clients in the Greater Toronto Area I require half my fee to start and the other half upon completion and delivery.  For clients outside of Toronto and overseas, I require full payment beforehand.

Artwork is packaged securely and shipped via an art transport service or bonded and insured courier with the client paying the shipping. Price quotes can be provided. For Toronto clients I'm happy to deliver the work in person, free of charge.

Typically I work in a 22 X 30 inch format and drawing takes at least 50 hours.  I love the entire process of what I do, but the very last hours of perfecting a work are a complete joy.  In the end my clients receive my absolute best work.

A portrait of a beloved place is a personal treasure that will last for many years.  If this is something you wish to own (and to pass on) please feel free to contact me here

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