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Artist Jim Taylor

I grew up in a big creative family in Picton, Ontario, Canada and started drawing fanatically at a young age. Later, I studied at the Ontario College of Art during the 80's when drawing was emphasized strongly. I was also very lucky to have studied under Paul Young who showed me, among many things, the endless potential of charcoal on really good paper.


There is no better, or flexible, drawing medium than charcoal to depict light, shadow, dimension and texture. I draw with an eye towards painters who express light in the most vivid and beautiful way; among them Turner, Vermeer, Edward Hopper, and Joaquin Sorolla. In my art practice I work in both high realist drawing and experimental abstract painting,  and though they may seem like opposite polarities, they inform and energize each other beautifully.


Professionally, I've worked in various aspects of art production; animation, digital media, and mainly as a painter / scenic artist in the Toronto film industry. I've also worked in education and community development.


I love what I do and I take my work in rendering people’s homes and properties very seriously. I know I’m interpreting and recording a place with meaning to someone; a place with a universe of stories. I understand what these drawings mean to people. I hear how they’ve been received as gifts.


Outside of the studio I love to travel, speak and read Spanish at every opportunity, play funk and soul grooves on my beloved Fender basses, and get dragged to the theatre by the two actresses who are my family.


2006-2007 York University - B. Ed

2004  University of Guelph - General BA

1991-1992 Universidad de Granada, Spain

1989 Ontario College of Art - General Studies


March, 2013
Arcadia Gallery, Toronto - 'The Cycles Project


January, 2014

Propellor Gallery, Toronto -  'Salon 8'

March, 2014

Artscape, Toronto - Solo exhibition

September/October, 2014

The Theatre Centre, Toronto - Solo exhibition

January, 2016

Artscape, Toronto - Solo exhibition

February, 2017

The Heart Show at Gerrard Art Space, Toronto - Group show

October, 2017

'We Never Think Alone' Artscape, Toronto

Group Show

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